Our Story



Every Bride wants everything to be perfect on their wedding day and that is where our site and brand developed from, ‘Emma Rose Co’. Our site has developed and changed over the years as it has rapidly grown so we make sure we vet photographers work on our site so we only show the best wedding photographers on the site. We strive to publish informative articles to help couples when it comes to finding their photographer, things to consider, and why it is so important to maximise your budget for your wedding day photography.

We are a team of all things pretty and love staring and swooning over wedding photos, we love helping couples find a photographer that matches their style and vision for the day. All photographers are manually approved ensuring they are of the highest quality, we aim to make this the best place to find only the best professional wedding photographers in the UK.


Well once upon a time back in 2011 there was a light bulb moment when looking at wedding photos, an idea to create a wonderful world of stunning wedding photography captured by talented and very creative photographers, a world that made it easy for brides and grooms to be, to find wedding photographer. This world became reality and Emma Rose Co was born.

We aim to be different to other sites out there, we focus on couples helping them find wedding photographer, we focus on real weddings, with real couples captured by real wedding photographers. We believe that it isn’t about one or two stunning photos, We believe it is about a beautiful story told through stunning photos.

Our mission from the outset and still stands today To be the single place to go for couples planning their big day looking to find wedding photographer.

Our vision To make it easy, fun and inspiring to find wedding photographer matching your style and budget.

Our site is in constant development and new and fresh articles and weddings are posted up daily by our team, looking back our site has come a very long way and we are excited to see where it will be in the next few years.